VaiMoana Labradors is a family kennel. Our dogs live with us at home, we enjoy them and we take them to show. We have few litters and just in order to improve the breed and we don't spare in efforts. We plan our litters selecting good character, beautiful appearance and in good health. We breed respecting the biological cycles of the bitches, and we never risk their health. A veterinary supervises the cares and food needs that mother requires before, during the gestation, birth, breast feeding and later recovery. In addition, we test all our dogs of hereditary diseases to breed as healthiest puppies as possible. Our puppies are born at home and we keep them under supervision, watching them grow physically and psychologically healthy, to get balanced, beautiful and healthy dogs.

Puppies are delivered with approximately 3 months, eating dry food, with a kit of food for first days, toys and blanket kit for easy adaptation to new family, recommendation sheet for the correct development of the puppy, health card, completely vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and pedigree LOE (Spanish Stud Book, FCI). The new owners must sign a contract wich sets out some basic requirements for good animal care.

We like to have direct contact with the new owners, for us, our responsibility doesn’t finish the day that we deliver the puppy, we want to be available for new owners so long as they need us. For that reason, we do NOT sell puppies to stores or third persons.

The puppies sold as “pet” must be sterilized before 6 months old, to avoid uncontrolled litters which may lead the breed in morphology, character or health, and avoid unwanted litters that puppies can ends in dog pounds (This procedure is already done in countries as USA and some European countries to avoid the overpopulation).

Our kennel only sells “breeding” dogs to other recognized kennels with affix number and which breeding politics are similar to ours.

VaiMoana Labradors reserves the right of not selling a puppy to a person we do not consider will be a good owner in the future. We will only deliver puppies to responsible persons who will respect and care them and are able to fulfill all their needs.

Note: VaiMoana Labradors is not a commercial kennel or for profit. Our activity is familiar and is part of sports and leisure hobbies by law.

Asociación Española del
Labrador Retriever